Book Design & Development: Foundation For The Future – A Celebration of 50 years

50 years of successful business is an amazing milestone for any organisation. In order to celebrate their anniversary, they decided to thank those associated with their successful journey, by capturing their milestones in a premium publication along with a spectacular dinner.
In order to appropriately glean their historical reference visually, they requested RLD Strategic to design the Book to showcase their history, set their vision for the future and engage with their existing and prospective stakeholders.
The Book was to respectfully visualise their success, but in a contemporary way. It also a needed to be produced quickly in a 12 week period but with the project management of RLD & Donald Cant Watts Corke teams, who laboured with long fruitful hours of creative thoughts and ideas that come together for a very successful outcome. This could not have been done without the expertise of Ros’s fabulous in house designer team.



The Design Direction

We used a lot of rectangular, ‘edgy’ shapes and cubes to represent and capture ‘Donald Cant Watts Corke’s in depth process of analysis with construction & building’ and whilst the ‘lines’ symbolised the connection between the past to the future. The netting shape was also incorporated as this is a part of the company’s branding and supported the ‘framework’ to build the ‘future’. Abstractedly, these elements form the ‘Foundation for the Future’ – a play word formulated by Ros.

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The RLD team came together to critic the work to get the appropriate balance for the work, so the Book had the best out come. We also ensured the book complied with Donald Cant Watts Corke’s needs/wants through in-depth meetings with the company representatives. During this process, we collaborated closely with Donald Cant Watts Corke to master any needed adjustments and readily made the adjustments quickly.







The Book is now very important to our client because it directly impacts on their market positioning and affords them a substantial market stake which is well deserved.
Our journey with Donald Cant Watts Corke concluded with a physical memory that accurately represents their triumphant history and can be shared with friends, family and co-workers for years to come.