4 Key Benefits Of Having A Brand Strategy

As well as helping businesses build unique, powerful visual identities, we also help our clients devise the right brand strategy.

We know that with the right strategy, you can find amazing results on both your business growth, and your bottom line.


Since you are reading this blog, I’m sure you are all well aware that a good brand strategy includes not only a logo and other design touch points, but also a well structured essence & emotional memorability that keeps customers returning and referring. When a business successfully combines the carefully curated design elements of a brand identity, with a consistent reputation of a few fundamental values, owning and retaining your position in your market comes much quicker and easier.

We’ve compiled a list of some key benefits of utilising a brand strategy for your own learning below:

1. Convert More Customers (Operational Value)

Clear strategic messaging makes it easier to sway customers in your direction. Using market analysis and our understanding of customer psychology, we can tailer a strategy that appeals directly to our audience. Through the pursuit of specific tailored values and objectives, we can eliminate buyer risk and doubt. We can provide a service that benefits them to the highest degree, which ensures brand loyalty and recurring income.

2. Increase Business Value (Monetary Value)

Through a well-executed campaign of consistent messaging, you can let people know that you are the best and why. You can engage with them on a personal, and consistent basis through new technology, which increases exposure and value. Customers are far more inclined to pay higher for a product or service they perceive to be the best option.

3. Gain Trust & Market Dominance (Emotional Value)

Customers are human, and humans are emotional beings. People gravitate towards businesses largely through the subconscious emotional intuition. If your brand exudes trust and loyalty, your customers will react to this & be likely to share & refer you to their friends.

4. Evidence Based Foresight (Growth & Investment Value)

After you have been implementing your strategy for a good amount of time, you will have gathered solid metrics and data evidence of results. You can consciously alter your strategy based on these metrics, and plan for future based on these findings. With this predictability, in turn, you create greater future value for shareholders, making it easier for your company to attract investment and fund future growth.

The true measure of a successful branding strategy is immediate recognition by your target audience with positive impact on your sales success.

In the current age of information, there are countless ways to devise a successful brand strategy. Contact our director, Ros Lawson, to find out how we can help with yours.

About the Editor

Ros Lawson is a branding strategist with over 25 years experience in the game. Her client list includes some of Australia’s most recognised brands; including: Ansell, DCWC, L’Oreal, Mobil and Visy – to name a few. She is known for her multi-level thinking style, astute business acumen and friendly demeanour.